Complimentary Lifelong Learning “Bonus Programs”

Each term includes a variety of one-time lectures (Bonus Programs) that are free and open to members, their guests, and the general public.

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Summer 2023

TUS 172 -179/ OL 172 -179 Bonus Programs – Open to the Public

  • Where? In-Person at the Bryant Conference Center, and Online (Register to receive the Zoom link via email)
  • When? Wednesday, June 7, 14, 21, 28; July 12, 19, 26; Aug. 2
  • Time? Noon – 1:15 p.m.
  • Coordinator: Sandra Hall Ray


TUS 172 / OL 172 Pickens County + MSU Grad = Dairy Cows

June 7

Jessica Vails

How does a young woman from Pickens County grow up to own a dairy farm? Jessica Vails is going to share her journey with us. Born into a family of farmers, Jessica decided to use her degree in agricultural communications from Mississippi State University to revamp the family farm. Now they have Circle J Dairy, LLC. We will hear about the up-to-date education, hard work and devotion of a close family determined to produce quality dairy products for their neighbors.

TUS 173 / OL 173 Bryce Hospital: Eight Decades of History

June 14

Steve Davis

Proposed to the legislature as a model for mental health in 1846, Bryce Hospital has remained an integral part of Tuscaloosa history. From more than 5,000 patients and a large campus, it now has a smaller footprint and mission. The University of Alabama (in a state land swap) has expanded its campus using much of the original Bryce campus. It has been on the forefront of mental health and, at times, struggled for support and funding. Steve Davis will share the past and what’s in store for its future.

TUS 174 / OL 174 American Sign Language & Deaf Culture

June 21

Susan Gordon

The class will consist of teaching basic signs in American Sign Language and discussing deaf culture.

TUS 175 / OL175 Eyes and Ears on The Ground

June 28

Kelli Wolfe

“Eyes and ears on the ground” is the way Kelli Wolfe describes her position for our new U.S. senator, Katie Britt. Kelli is the Field Representative for West Alabama, serving one of our two United States senators. Building a responsive office and making it Senator Britt’s own are unique challenges occurring as the successor to our former Senator Richard Shelby of Tuscaloosa, who had served 36 years in that office. We will learn about the progress and the services provided to us, as constituents of West Alabama.

TUS 176 / OL 176 Identifying and Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds

July 12

Rita Yessick

This course will discuss and show pictures of the different kinds of butterflies in the southeast region. It will also discuss the differences between butterflies and skippers. In addition, it will present information on hummingbirds in this region. We will also discuss what to plant to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

TUS 177 / OL 177 A Safe Place to Land

July 19

Brenda Maddox

Brenda Maddox, the executive director of Safe Center in Tuscaloosa, will tell us about this community-based agency that provides educational, emotional, and forensics needs for our citizens who have experienced sexual assault. Although it serves the entire population, 51.8% of Tuscaloosa County and 57% of the UA campus are female, and this shows the urgent need for such an agency.

TUS 178 / OL 178 Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre: The Past, Present, and the Future

July 26

Drew Baker

The past, present and future of Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre. We will also include a talk from our new permanent costumer, Jessica Prather.

TUS 179 / OL 179 Fisheries Programs in Alabama

Aug 2

Jerry Moss

A brief description of programs and services offered by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources that benefit members of the public.


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